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Walking Very Slow






This audio file is for you to practice slow movements. We could think this as moving every other strong beat.

(if you click on “Materials” you can start by doing the example exercises. But I first recommend you read these lines to understand it better)

The strong beat is where your body naturally tends to take steps… and because of that, we Tango dancers take it as the unit.

Therefor, we call it “1”. So, the strong beat = 1. And walking on 1, is walking at a normal speed. (I recommend to watch my YouTube video where I explain this very clearly)

So, the name of this lesson is “Walking Very Slow”, which more precisely would be walking every other beat. I have a very easy rhythmic code that will help you understand this:

Walking on the beat will be  walking 1-1-1-1-1… and walking every other beat would be 1-0-1-0-1…

You’ll understand it better if you click on “Materials” and watch the video I’ve made for you.

Now, I’ve designed 2 versions: the first version (above) includes a “click” sound between each bandoneon chord to make it easier to calculate the speed of your free leg. So when the click sounds, your free leg should be passing by your standing leg. This doesn’t have to be strictly precise, but it helps.

And the audio below this line is the version without the “click” sound.


My advice is to practice with any of these audios first, and then do it with a tango song, mixing this slow rhythm with another one (I suggest to alternate with walking on the beat)





Video example on how to walk slow all the time, forward and back!

Video example on how to walk slow alternating with normal walking


Check an example using the song Bahía Blanca, one of the most famous "slow" Tangos.



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