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Slow, Slow, Quick-Quick-Slow

This audio is for you to practice movements on Slow, Slow, Quick-Quick-Slow.
In social dancing, this rhythm is the first alteration of the normal pattern (the Beat).

We also refer to it as 1-1-1-3-1 (slow, slow, quick, quick, slow). Since this rhythmic pattern is made out of


Since this rhythmic pattern is odd (because it has 5 sounds), you will be able to practice it starting with a different leg each time.

You can also use this file to practice the turn (giro), starting with a Forward Cross until the next Forward Cross (the one after the quick-quick-slow). Then you simply change the direction and repeat.



How to practice Slow-SLow-Quick-Quick-Slow (1-1-1-3-1) walking. Starting each time with different leg!

Use this rhythmic combination to do 1 turn in each direction

Check an example using the song Don Juan, a classic for this exercise.


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