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La Salida del 40

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Here, I give you some written information which can give you an extra input to learning this sequence…

In this lesson you’ll learn one of the most famous Tango starts of all time.

La salida del 40 is not only a beautiful sequence, but it’s also very elegant and highly adaptable to any social dancing situation. In this lesson, we’ll show you this sequence so that the whole group of steps can go in the same line of dancing.

The specific important point of this sequence is the pivot after the very first step.

This is the key moment that you should focus more on, because that pivot is the moment on which we will transform this sequence into more advanced versions.

The second important movement is the soft change of weight right after that pivot. Even if this soft step is very nice and full of magic, the important point of it is that you don’t lose control after the previous pivot. And this is important because later we’ll use this control to achieve other movements. Bottom line: make sure you take this soft step because you want to and not because you lose control after the previous pivot!


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