Tango Tribu

Solo Musicality Training

Have you ever danced alone?

I will share with you this unique exercise that have been instrumental in my own Tango journey, developed over 25 years of experience.

I will dance 4 of the most famous songs of each of “the big 4” composers from the ‘4o’s (yes, the golden decade of Tango!). So these songs are pretty much a must in each milonga anywhere on the planet.

The essence is to let our movement be completely free, without worries about leading or following.

Build confidence and security in your technique by stripping away the context and focusing solely on your own movement.

Whether you’re a leader or a follower, mastering solo dancing will enhance the quality of your connection with your partner.

Each week, you’ll gain access to a new video where I will dance to one song, the intention of it is to inspire you on your Tango journey.

There are no steps to copy (unless you punctually like a specific rhythmical combination). Some of the movements will be slow (to practice balance and fluidity), some others will be to the beat and some others will be quick or syncopated. All this according to how I’m listening to that music at that particular moment.

So my steps are not necessarily increasing in difficulty, but simply dancing all along the chosen song. Oh, and don’t worry, it will be around 90% walking and rebounding (that doesn’t have necessarily easy when put to the music), and the rest will be adornments and maybe some fancy stuff.

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