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In Javier, I’ve discovered the true essence of a tango dancer, the necessary feelings, the personal and unique reaction that leads a dancer to deeply discover himself in dance terms. A stable temperament, a gentle walk, natural and very solid at the same time, do nothing but give brightness, clarity and presence to his powerful choreographic texture. I can see he’s reached a very deep knowledge in all aspects and possesses today extraordinary ability as a tango dancer, teacher and performer.

Gustavo Naveira

I love dancing with Javi, he’s one of the best dancers of this era. And I also like very much what he’s doing with Patri. Tango Tribe is a platform to take advantage of!

Noelia Hurtado

Javier and Patricie are two dancers and professionals of high quality, both in their pedagogical development and in their dance. I had the opportunity to work with them both in teaching and artistic creation. Every time we meet I really enjoy dancing a few tandas with Javi.

Moira Castellano

I’m very glad Javier has given shape and started Tango Tribe. With Patri, they make a couple that already has a personal style, which is not a small thing! On top of all their experience and dance skills, students really enjoy their pedagogy.

Eugenia Parilla

Javier & Patricie are a couple that I love. Their shows and lessons at DNI Tango have been a great success. I admire and love Patri for all the work that she has invested in dancing. Javier is a tanguero of my era, talented, questioning, musical and generous. I admire and recommend their work by all means!!!

Dana Frígoli & Adrian Ferreyra

Patricie and Javier dance tango improvising at 100% with a unique musicality. Genuine, creative and with their own style, they bring all this creativity and personality to their role as teachers, taking their students to that real and deep search of the dance.

Carla Marano

Javier and Patri are a beautiful couple, great dancers and excellent people. He understands the matrix of Tango like few people in the world, she dances with all her being for a lifetime. Together, they developed a personal style, real and beautiful. And, on top of that, they continue to learn day by day like true masters, since they understand that this is the way. I personally admire them both very much. Sign up to their lessons today: your tango will thank you!

Bruno Tombari

We know it: learning Tango demands time and effort, but we also know that it’s totally worth it.

Because dancing Tango simply gives us this amazing feeling.

And we want to be part of your happiness with Tango, that's why we offer you this opportunity that will hardly be repeated.

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