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Ways to step with more musicality

Ways to step with more musicality
Today I’ll share with you a few tips on how to step differently.

I won’t share everything I learned, but I think this will be more than enough to create a significant improvement in your dance.

At least, that’s what they did for my dance.

In a future email I will share with you about different orchestras and how their rhythm can influence how and when you step.

Keep an eye for it.

Now, here are a few ways that you can use to create variation in your steps:

STRONG-soft or soft-STRONG
When you walk, you can do a strong step and then slowly collect your feet together.
So, when you hear a strong beat, you step with force but don’t collect your feet together.
Then on the weak beat that follows you collect your feet together softly.
You can use that for example when dancing to Di Sarli.
Step strong on the 1, collect softly on the 3, step strong on the 5, collect softly on the 7.

On other occasions you can use the exact opposite too.
Step soft and slow, and then collect strong and fast.

Maybe you want to stand up and try it for yourself now to get a feeling (here is a Di Sarli for you).

Dirty dancing
Sometimes you can go from elegant to ‘dirty’ steps to interpret a song.
For example, with D’Arienzo and Echagüe you may want to bend more, and maybe even don’t care about the tip of your foot being all pointy and straight.
Step dirty.
But then, with Maure, who is more emotional and elegant you might want to pay a bit more attention to your lines.

Air, water, earth, fire
This is a great one.
Sometimes you want to step as if you were on lava.
Sometimes as if you were inside a pool, or as if you were made of air.
Some other times you want to dance more grounded.
To see how that works, imagine that you dance inside the water.
Keeping this image in mind, walk around alone.
See what that does to your dance.
Probably it feels like you are moving through resistance.
Or it might feel as if you are lighter, almost floating.
Choose for yourself.
Then try stepping with the image of fire in mind.
Maybe you have a wild fire in mind, moving left and right unexpectedly, going up and down, moving fast and then slow.
Use that.

Canaro vs D’Arienzo
Another way to modify the way you dance is by focusing on mental images or sensations.
Canaro: It’s like stepping on moving sand. You step and freeze. Step and freeze.
D’Arienzo: Imagine the floor is lava. Step and run, step and run.

There are more ways to modify your steps.
And of course there are more ways to modify your embrace, the feeling you transmit to your partner, ways to adjust so that your dance becomes more enjoyable, etc.
If you are interested check the Curious Tanguero Advanced.

Stay curious,
The Curious Tanguero