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Making your Tango easier to understand

Do you know those moments where everything goes great, till it doesn’t?
When a miscommunication during the dance happens and it creates a disconnection?
Maybe a wrong step, maybe an adorno at the last moment, maybe a bit of a lost balance?

Usually when that happens I smile, re-embrace, and move on.


I wanted to find ways to avoid it happening in the first place.
And I found quite a few tricks.

Today’s trick is simple.

Whenever I plan to change the dynamics I prepare my partner.

A change of dynamics would be going from fast to slow, or the other way around.


I make a change in my muscle tone just a beat before the change of the dynamics.
If we are cuddling and moving like a cloud above the dance floor and I want to accelerate, I tense my arms a bit.
Not too much to create uncomfortable and unnecessary tension, but enough so that my partner can feel it.

I am not squeezing her, instead the tension is internal.
If you ever looked at the mirror and squeezed your biceps to reveal their true glory, then you know what I am talking about.
If an innocent mademoiselle was touching your biceps at that moment she wouldn’t feel squeezed, but she would feel the tension.
That’s what you are going for.

This change of tension informs her that something is coming.
Good followers prepare their body with a similar tension to communicate that they are prepared for the change in dynamics.

P.S.1 Lots of followers with great musicality use this change in tension to inform their leaders of how they want to dance the next musical phrase.

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