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Let’s get this out of the way

Yes, this message goes to many people, but I am still a person, and I am still talking to YOU.

And it sucks when you talk with someone and they stay cold and distant.

So let’s start with some simple realisations:

Human responses
A ‘Thanks, that was nice’ or a ‘Are you sure, because I thought…’ are perfectly acceptable human responses to my emails.
Silence is not.
It makes me happy to know you are out there and that we interacted in any meaningful way.

Don’t throw your money away
I want to be your friend, not your Spam folder guy.
I have learned so much while taking classes with tango teachers all around the world, it would be like throwing away money if you keep missing my emails.
So please, take 30 seconds to add me to your contact list.

That’s a newsletter created having male leaders in mind
I’ll talk to you as if you are a male leader.
Not because there are no other kind of leaders.
It is because I am sharing my perspective as a male leader and I will talk to you as if I was talking to a buddy at a milonga.
If you are not a male leader, please make sure to switch in your mind any pronouns you choose and substitute any words that don’t make sense in your context.

Your thoughts and questions
Feel free to send me at any point your questions, doubts, thoughts, etc. about your tango journey.
I will use them to improve the quality of my emails and even take private classes with different teachers to find answers to those questions if enough people are asking them.

Don’t be that guy
The more time I spend on getting my newsletter known, the less time I spend on taking tango classes and creating emails with valuable tips for you.
So… share it with your friends.
Send them the link thecurioustanguero.com and tell them it’s a nice newsletter.
Or post it on your Facebook wall.
Or print it on your tango t-shirt and dance, dance, dance till everyone sees it. Dance is good for you.

Please remember what we discussed.

Stay curious,
The Curious Tanguero