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How to accelerate in Tango easily

OK, This is a dirty one.

Tango is hard.
Trying to dance tango fast because the music accelerated is even harder.
And that often creates tension, confusion, and mistakes.
In some cases you get left in the middle of the dance floor because you removed someone’s nails.

I always felt like the most boring person in the milonga when the music accelerated and I just stayed there dancing the same old, same old slow, slow, quick, quick, slllooooowwww.
But I didn’t want to risk accelerating, especially with partners that might not be able to follow.

I decided to do the opposite.
A few beats, or even a complete phrase before the acceleration comes…
I slow down.
Then, when the acceleration comes, I start dancing at normal speed.
That creates the change in speed that the music dictates, without the accompanying difficulty.

As I got better over time, I went from normal speed to slow, and then to fast.
Slowing down before switching to a fast pace enhanced the effect.

P.S. The opposite works great too. Increasing the speed from normal to fast before switching to slow will generate bigger contrasts and stronger changes in dynamics.

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