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If you can walk, you can Tango!

Learning Tango is actually easy!

Because we offer a wide variety of lessons and exercises together with complementary material, like video-interviews and our unique, exclusive rhythmical audios, slow motions, freezes and more!

The crazy offer

I know you may think I’ve lost my mind, however I’m pretty confident that happened years ago! 😜 Whatever the case is, take action now to actually be among the first 50!

Learn at your own pace

Repeat any lesson as many times as you want. Start or continue your Tango journey with a growing number of courses, exclusive and original lessons, exercises, tips, stories, interviews and more!

Check the unique benefits of our content...

Exercises to
practice solo

No partner? No problem!
You have many lessons to complete,
review and practice by yourself.

Our unique
Tango Library

Learn by simply copying!
Enjoy our growing interactive video library
and reach us in case you have a specific request!

Details in Slow

We’ve included this feature in some lessons because we
know that the difference is in the details.

 Loops to facilitate
your learning process

You need to see it again? No problem, the
loops are already there so you won’t have to
rewind every time.


Do you want a specific lesson?
Just tell us what you want
and we'll create it for you!

English audio with
English subtitles

Our English is ok, but in case you
don’t understand a specific word or in case
of a small mistake, you’ll always
have the subtitles to rely on.

interviews & Tango stories

Not everything is technique and steps.
Tango is part of the Argentine culture
and we help you discover it!

¡Available 24/7!

Save space in your devices, you'll have
your content available for you anytime you
want. And we'll take care of all the security you need.

Take action now
to receive first class
Tango lessons & resources!

Let me explain…

Not only will you receive first-hand Tango instruction from a couple who continues to be
at the top of the professional level for about 20 years, but also because our videos involve many hours of post-production work in order to assure you understand clearly.

Be among the first 50 to get this big discount!

We know it:

learning Tango demands time and effort, but we also know that it’s
totally worth it.


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Some of our colleagues say...

"I'm very glad Javier has given shape and started Tango Tribe. With Patri, they make a couple that already has a personal style, which is not a small thing! On top uf all their experience and dance skills, students really enjoy their pedagogy."

Eugenia Parilla

"Javier 8 Patricie are a couple that I love. Their shows and lessons at DNI Tango have been a great success. I admire and love Patri for all the work that she has invested in dancing. Javier is a tanguero of my era, talented, questioning, musical and generous. | admire and recommend their work"

Dana Frígoli & Adrian Ferreya

"In Javier, I’ve discovered the true essence of a tango dancer, the necessary feelings, the personal and unique reaction that leads a dancer to deeply discover himself in dance terms. A stable temperament, a gentle walk, natural and very solid at the same time, do nothing but give brightness, clarity and presence to his powerful choreographic texture. I can see he’s reached a very deep knowledge in all aspects and possesses today extraordinary ability as a tango dancer, teacher and performer."

Gustavo Naveira

"I love dancing with Javi, he’s one of the best dancers of this era. And I also like very much what he’s doing with Patri. Tango Tribe is a platform to take advantage of!"

Noelia Hurtado

"Javier and Patricie are two dancers and professionals of high quality, both in their pedagogical development and in their dance. I had the opportunity to work with them both in teaching and artistic creation. Every time we meet I really enjoy dancing a few tandas with Javi."

Moira Castellano

"Patricie and Javier dance tango improvising at 100% with a unique musicality. Genuine, creative and with their own style, they bring all this creativity and personality to their role as teachers, taking their students to that real and deep search of the dance."

Carla Marano

"Javier and Patri are a beautiful couple, great dancers and excellent people. He understands the matrix of Tango like few people in the world, she dances with all her being for a lifetime. Together, they developed a personal style, real and beautiful. And, on top of that, they continue to learn day by day like true masters, since they understand that this is the way. I personally admire them both very much. Sign up to their lessons today: your tango will thank you!"

Bruno Tombari

Discover or improve your Tango!


Lili Mora I'm to glad I've found some great lessons here. The technique lessons blew my mind and now I simply dance better!


Adrian Cardenas I loved all the lessons and they even created a specific lesson I requested! This is unique!


Paula My partner and I love the Tango Library because we simply watch and copy the steps.

Review Text

Richard I love having so many lessons for such a low price. And also the kind of information they provide in each of them.
Liz Not only the dance lessons are great, but the video stories aswel.

Review Text

Alex The Bandoneon Audio files are such a genius idea to practice and improve your rhythm.

Review Text

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